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Welp I got no ideas, will return one day, I have stuff, just not my standards, which are pretty low anyway, so those songs just aren't ready yet, but maybe soon something will be released no matter the quality, I don't know 

Bad Quality

2017-01-13 20:41:59 by Gimmickybee

If the music converted is of bad quality, i am sorry i need to find a better m4a to mp3 converter.

New Name?

2017-01-05 23:35:49 by Gimmickybee

I am thinking of changing my name to b33 instead of the full gimmickybee, it could be a good change but I am to poor to change it, so it might just be updated as that with posts. Respond if you think I should.

A Profile Pic

2016-11-28 17:33:44 by Gimmickybee

There will also be a profile pic update to match my profile a bit more.

New Tracks

2016-11-28 17:28:19 by Gimmickybee

New tracks coming soon,not my best, but look for them soon.