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New Name?

2017-01-05 23:35:49 by Gimmickybee

I am thinking of changing my name to b33 instead of the full gimmickybee, it could be a good change but I am to poor to change it, so it might just be updated as that with posts. Respond if you think I should.


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2017-01-06 00:34:20


Gimmickybee responds:

uh, no I'll just stay the same


2017-01-06 00:46:19

Here's my thoughts: I help out in the Audio Portal Cleanup thread. It's basically this forum where you can post stolen work (or earrape/spam as little as it comes). And, well, some are a little quick to jump the gun and may think your stuff is stolen if you're alias and username don't match. I wouldn't worry about it if you were scouted, because it's very rare for a stealer to get scouted, but you never know. Maybe in the short description I would indicate the song is yours or something.

I did take a listen to your music while I was here though. You're not too shabby of an artist. I might be able to scout you if I see more work in the future that's good.

Gimmickybee responds:

Okay, thanks for the advice I will just stay the same and put the credit in the description so it is proven to be mine. Thanks!


2017-01-22 22:35:47

Your welcome and

Oh my god

I noticed I used "you're" instead of "your"

Smh I hate making mistakes like that